What is constipation, what are the symptoms, how to protect


     What is constipation?

       My dear friends, welcome to my site, today I am sharing the post. In which you are suffering from constipation, why it is due to what the symptoms are, how to avoid it, friends, you read my entire article, so you will get relief in the problem of constipation.

       When the stool gets deposited in the large intestine for some reason. The anus is not come out of the way. And it keeps falling in the large intestine. So this is what we call constipation. What happens in the intestines that we have eaten, the work of cleansing the juice from it runs continuously. In the state of constipation, when the dirty stool remains in the intestines. So the blood that comes out of it, it also becomes the second day, when it goes into the bloodstream and then gives us many diseases. From whom we have to fight the whole life: The root of the diseases is the stomach if the stomach is right and can escape the diseases and can also be healthy.

What are the symptom of constipation 

       Whenever we will have constipation, our toilets are not cleansed, there is always lethargy and pain is hard and stomach is heavy. There is pain in the head, sleep does not come from the right, the mind is empty-it feels like it does not feel hungry, the cause of the illness in the body is constipation, it is very important that you keep it right. You can keep your body away from diseases. 

 Prevention of constipation from natural healing

1- Most constipation patients take the drug, which is a very harmful factor for our intestines, for which 8 to 10 drops of lemon juice should be taken along with water, and immediately after it is cold. An enema of water should be taken, which causes the constipation problem to cure some days.

2- To prevent constipation, one should drink only one lemon water a day in 10 to 15 days and then after two days, carrots (carrots and spinach) should be taken. Then make fruit for 10 to 15 days. Take enema daily. After one day, after milking, milk should be eaten and the other should take bread, curry, curd and salad.

3- To prevent constipation, we should use the pure water according to the need of drinking hot water every morning. After half an hour before eating, they should use Gunnu water after half an hour. Water should not be used during meals. If more, if needed, you can drink a lot of Khant water. By doing so, the problem of constipation is cured in a short time.

4- It is necessary for us to start walking daily in the morning. Yogasana-Pranayam should definitely do it. If we do Surya Namaskar, we will do it. So we can get rid of constipation very burning.

5- The     sand is the exact medicine of constipation. After a sewage-free clean sand meal, 2-3 days a day, with the help of water, the intestines fall loose on the second day and in the next few days, all the old accumulated stool is released. Constipation is removed from the mines in the clean granite meal of the village wheat.

6 – To prevent constipation, we should prepare the dirt-stomach for 30 minutes on the morning and evening for 5-20 minutes on the Katisanan or PEDU. The waist cotton in the old constipation – The left should be sleeping by sleeping in the night. Appassalam in every seven days. Bath should also be taken.

7- If we get rid of constipation by taking 5-10 minutes daily massage of the abdomen from the right side of the navel in the morning, then the sun-dried water made in orange or yellow bottle should be drunk 50 grams daily in 4 days.

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